Which BTS(Bitshares) tokens would you like to see in the Crypviser Mobile Wallet?

Discussion in 'CVPAY' started by Vadim A., Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Vadim A.

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    Please give a reply with a BTS (Bitshares) based token name and short description, which you like to have in the integrated wallet of Crypviser Secure Messenger (exclude CVCOIN, BTS, STEEM, YOYOW). They will be enabled by default.
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  2. Yagro

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    I don't know if it's possible, but I'm thinking of the most important currencies such as open.btc, -eth, -xrp, -neo, -xmr, - € / $ / ¥, -usdt, -ltc, -doge

    Furthermore, I think that a user should be able to choose which coins, which are tradable with CVN in DEEX, they have in their wallet.
  3. There are many options out there however, the ones which are to be chosen, In my opinion, must not be backed by a third party, such as open.btc, or open.eth. How secure can something be if you don't Truly Own It.
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  4. Vadim A.

    Vadim A. Moderator

    I agree. We may do BTC/ETH "cold wallet" integration at the further steps.
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    Thank you. This post awakens my cognitive ability and a wish to explore new crypto
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