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    If you created something positiv for CVN / Crypviser post about it here with full details and ask for a reward for your work.
    The CVN Foundation will look at it and decide the amount of the reward.
  2. Playtronics

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    Greeting my fellow CVN Foundation members I would like to submit my website for bounty reward for having created a positive source of Crypviser information for the community. Of course I will be except from voting in this request.

    I submit for review my Crypviser News and Information website.

    Details about my website:

    The site currently has 38 Pages of content and 8 News Post.

    The site currently has over 40 media files that include: Images, Photos, Video and PDF Files.

    Links to nine different Official Crypviser websites or news sources. i.e. Facebook, Forums, Medium, YouTube, Etc.

    A Glossary with 56 definitions

    The site currently has 21 Active WordPress plugins.

    I asked that the CVN Foundation take the time to review my site and consider it for reward.

    Thank you. Playtronics

    For your convenience I have displayed the current website Site Map:

    · About Crypviser

    · About Us

    · Annual Reports

    · Crypviser App Wish List

    · Crypviser Future Goals

    · Crypviser News

    · Crypviser Official Links

    · Crypviser Staff Personal Bio

    · Crypviser Staff Profile

    · Crypviser’s Development Team

    · Download Crypviser

    · Downloads

    · FAQ

    · Features

    · Get Started

    · Glossary

    · Guides

    · Help Center

    · How Does it Compare?

    · How it Works?

    · Links

    · Miscellaneous Links

    · Photography

    · Press Releases

    · Pricing

    · Privacy News

    · Privacy Policy

    · Security

    · Site-Map

    · Terms of Service

    · Videos

    · Voice

    · Wallet

    · What is Crypviser?

    · White Paper

    · Why Crypviser

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  3. Adam

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    Awesome job mate
  4. thule432

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    Great work.......
    Any suggestion what reward you are looking for ?
  5. Playtronics

    Playtronics Moderator

    I have no clue.
  6. Playtronics

    Playtronics Moderator

    Guys I have decided to withdraw my request for bounty compensation, when I began this project I had never even consider a reward, It was the last thing on my mind. I was just doing it to help the Crypviser community and hopefully in the future help me, when the marketing referral program goes live.

    I only applied for the bounty because it was suggested I do that, but it has become far more complex than I had anticipated the process to be. Thank you to everyone that took the time to review the site and for you awesome comments they were very inspiring to me.
  7. Playtronics

    Playtronics Moderator

    Thank you Crypviser for your recent generous gift of 3,000 CVCoins towards my website. Your donation will help purchase new plug-ins and features for the updates to come. A special thanks to Vadim, Mark and Harry. You and other great Crypviser developers like you have brought us closer to our goal of having the best secured messenger application for the world's community. Your willingness to help me with the vital information and support I need it so I could build a website that is able to help our growing Crypviser community was great. Having additional sources of Crypviser information will help makes all the difference as new members join the Crypviser network. Regards, Playtronics
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