HitBTC Freezes Customers’ Accounts ahead of Proof of Keys Event

Discussion in 'HitBTC' started by thule432, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. thule432

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  2. robert_low

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    many exchanges did the same like binance, bittrex, coinbase
  3. Elena Rivera

    Elena Rivera New Member

    Many people didn't prepare properly, PoK event is supposed to mean "on this day, your coins shouldn't be on the exchange", not "withdraw your coins on this day from the exchange", there's limitations for exchanges, and if everybody withdraws their coins at any given time it will raise massive redflags. If it was done slowly during the month of december for example, I'm sure it would've been a different story.
  4. Pascal Novillo

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  5. thule432

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    Its an older article (5 months) from CCN so i doubt they care about it anymore.
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  6. Nathan Brooks

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    That doesn't change that the new stays up, I agree that HitBTC is not seen under the best light usually but the problem they're portraying did happen on several other sites too, why exclude that?
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