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    We live in a world of increasing surveillance, security threats and data gathering where personal data is a tradable commodity and the lines between who and what is the product are blurred. Crypviser, the disruptive cyber security and privacy company, is pleased to announce that the Crypviser leadership team will broadcast at Facebook Live Stream on the 8th of November at 17.30 CET (GMT +2, Berlin Time)

    This Live Stream will cover many important topics relating to our revolutionary secure private messaging app that allows you to enjoy secure private communication with friends, family and colleagues. These topics range from Technical Developments, Commercial, Promo and Pricing Strategies to a look at the team changes at Crypviser and our plans for the next 12 months.

    In attendance will be Crypvisers CBO Gareth Leggett, CCO Mark Babbitt, Director of Business Development Manuel Schütz, and CEO Vadim Andryan.

    We are all very excited to speak about what has been going on with Crypviser. The CBO Gareth Leggett will be introducing the actual business, commercial and promo plans for our commercial start with a new pricing model. Mark Babbitt the CCO of Crypviser will talk about the current development plans, past events from Hackit to the Brazilian Conference, and to others which are still planned for this year.

    The Crypviser pre — Commercial Live Event will run approximately 2 hours, and will include a AMA Event, when anyone can ask their questions about Crypivser. We will be taking questions in Russian, English and German. There is also a possibility to submit your questions early, which we will then read aloud on air and give them the time they deserve. To submit your questions early just follow this link:

    We are looking forward to hearing from our Long Time Supporters and excited to hear from people who are new to Crypviser.

    So, once again, put everything aside and write this down in your Calendar, November 8th, 17.30 CET (GMT+2, Berlin Time) Facebook Live at

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