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    CVCoin is a unique crypto-token
    designed for the new generation of encrypted instant communication networks

    Authentication Token
    The main purpose of CVCoin is covering charges of Blockchain transactions for authentication purposes, to authorize and identify the users’ public encryption keys, to ensure the highest level of security within the encrypted networks. Public key authentication is the most important stage in every cryptography model to ensure that the keys belong to the real owner.

    Through disruptive Blockchain based transactions, Crypviser provides genuine encryption key identification to prevent any kind of manipulation, interceptions and “Man in the Middle” (MiTM) attacks on all communication levels.

    Product Related Currency
    CVCoin is the world’s first product-related cryptocurrency of state-of-the-art encryption technology. It allows users to pay for Crypviser services and monthly subscriptions anonymously, allowing them not to disclose payment information, such as credit card or bank account details.
    CVCoins are available for sale on BTC, ETH and can be exchanged for a wide range of currencies provided by the ShapeShift exchange.

    The Currency Value
    The initial exchange rate of CVCoin is related to the base monthly subscription of Crypviser Network and equal 0,99 EUR for 1 CVCoin.
    Within the Crypviser Network the exchange rate of 1 CVC always will be not less than 0,99 EUR, regardless the public market price

    Investment Possibilities
    During the ICO campaign CVC can be purchased with attractive discounts up to 30%.
    After the market launch of the Crypviser Network your purchased coins can then be sold to other Crypviser customers at nominal exchange rate.
    Upon completion of the ICO campaign, CVCoin will become available on all main stock markets.
    We expect that the market rate of CVCoin will rapidly grow along with capacity of the Crypviser Network.

    The Future
    At the market launch CVC are going to be introduced as the currency of the Crypviser Network.
    In the future our team is working on CVC to bring it as a reliable unit of money exchange on established global e-commerce platforms.




    Check an amazing video review of Crypviser app - the first encrypted network for social and business communication based on Blockchain.



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