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    Witness Node — is a block producer node for Crypviser Network.

    The main purpose of the witnesses is to collect transactions, bundle them into a block, sign the block, verify and broadcast it to the network. They are essentially the block producers for the underlying consensus mechanism.

    For each successfully constructed block, a witness is paid in CVT from reserves pool at a rate that is defined in the Crypviser Network.

    How to become a Witness?

    The number of Witness Nodes (block producers) in the Crypviser Network is limited.

    The priority to run a witness node will be given to the CVcoin Foundation members.

    To become a witness of the Crypviser Network the applicant should hold 50.000 CVN on the account.

    Crypviser Community members should hold at least 25.000 CVN

    A Community Member is a person who has been holding any amount of CVN as of 1st July 2018.


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